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binary solo
12 July 2013 @ 10:16 am
I feel bad for somewhat abandoning plotboxes, but lately I've been spending my internet time watching things I actually like, rather than worrying about uploading things. I just want a break from the comm every once in a while, hope people understand. Anyway, these are the things I'm watching! Not sure if I can add any more to the list.

Woman (jdrama) - I was most excited for this. Just started it yesterday, I like it so far. I'm a huge fan of the scriptwriter, I basically watch anything he writes. I also adore Mitsushima Hikari. Perfect combo. I'll stick to it no matter what.
I Hear Your Voice (kdrama) - It stars Lee Jongsuk teehee, and you've probably noticed that him and Kim Woobin are my current fixation. The drama's good though, fun and thrilling (but there's a lot of flaws too). It's one of the highest rated kdrama of the year, I actually expect it to reach near 30% by the end, so I'm really happy for Jongsuk's success.
Luther (British drama) - I waited two years for its return and honestly this season is a little underwhelming so far. I hope Alice shows up soon.
Waiting for - Breaking Bad (American duh)
Random Woobin thoughts because I miss watching him. He's starring in the sequel to the classic film Friend (from 2001, 12 years ago damn)-

Q. Director Kwak, how did you decide to cast Kim Woo-bin?
Kwak: Frankly speaking, I did not know anything about Kim. But one day, one of my nephews asked me if he could be one of the main characters in my film after he heard that I’m planning “Friend 2″. He said Kim is on KBS drama “School 2013″ and that he’s popular in his school. I happened to look up his works and profile, and then one of the staff member of my producing team recommended Kim also. So I visited the drama set of “School 2013.” My first impression about Kim was that he is frank. He answered that he hadn’t even read the script I sent. I became interested in him since he looked like he could express a wide range of characters – from a high school student to someone cruel.

Aww, the director's nephew is a fan of Woobin and asked if Woobin could star in the film. That's how he got the role?? So cute omfg. And lmaooo the famed film director came all that way to see Woobin and he didn't even read the script, I'm cackling. I bet it's because he was focused on memorizing School's script at that time.

Woobin's going to star in the buzz October drama "Heirs" too. It's likely going to be the biggest hit of the year because writer Kim Eunsook's dramas automatically pull in high-monster-ratings. I think her plots tend to be shit though lol (the only one I've ever liked was Secret Garden). I like the way she writes witty dialogue though. Also, I'm fairly indifferent toward Lee Minho and Park Shinhye. I'm conflicted idk.

Jongsuk and Woobin's careers are both going so well. My babies~ And they keep endorsing stuff together (oh my fangirl heart). Definitely Korea's favorite pair and biggest rising stars of the year.
binary solo
04 February 2013 @ 11:52 pm
I was going through a bit of withdrawal, so I decided to watch the special with behind the scenes footage and interviews (and then went to look for more). Why didn't I do it earlier, the actors Kim Woobin (Heungsoo) and Lee Jongsuk (Namsoon) are so cute. No wonder why they had such great onscreen chemistry, they're actually good friends. Kim Woobin is so nice and caring, a big teddy bear, I've totally fallen in love. I can't even. I find Lee Jongsuk narcissistic, but in a harmless funny way lol.

Their dynamic is the best.

The fancams of the special had a bunch of unaired cute moments too.


*Jongsuk finds love letters for Namsoon (his character) in his desk*
Woobin: *checks his own desk* Why don't I have any...
Jongsuk: Want me to write you one?

lmao. I'll write you some, Woobin.
binary solo
15 December 2010 @ 04:58 pm
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